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In today's increasingly interconnected world, smart home devices have become an integral part of our lives. Among the many options available, Google Home stands out as a leading smart speaker that seamlessly blends into our daily routines. However, the question on everyone's mind is, "When will Google Home go on sale again in the US?" In this expert review, we aim to shed light on this query while providing valuable insights and information about this remarkable device.

Understanding Google Home: Google Home is a smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant, a virtual companion designed to make your life easier. Equipped with voice recognition capabilities, Google Home allows users to interact with the device via simple voice commands. From playing music and controlling smart home devices to answering questions and setting reminders, Google Home brings the power of the internet right to your living room.

Availability and Selling Patterns: Google Home has been widely available in the US market for several years. However, the availability of promotional offers and sales periods can vary. To answer the question at hand, "When will Google Home go on sale again in the US?", we must consider historical trends and events.

Google often offers discounts on its smart home devices,

The Google Store has deals often, especially around the holidays, but year-round as well. As of September 2023, the best Google Store discounts are for Chromecast and several Nest products.

Is Google discontinuing Google Home?

Google is ending support of conversational actions for Google Home and Google Assistant users on June 13, 2023. This change ends's support of voice commands for home automation actions using the Google Assistant feature and Google Home device.

How to get a free Google Home Mini 2023?

Spotify is giving away free Google Home Mini speakers with individual and family plans—even if you're already a subscriber.
  1. Head to Spotify's Premium or Family landing page.
  2. Then, either sign up or click the “Get your Google Home Mini” link if you're already a subscriber.

What is happening with Google Home?

The redesigned Google Home app makes it easier to control your smart home devices, wherever you are. Your smart home just got even smarter. The Google Home app has always been a helpful home companion, and now it's easier to use than ever, with a new design and new features.

How do I get a free Google home?

There Sure Are A Lot Of Ways To Get A 'Free' Smart Speaker These...
  1. Get a free Google Home Mini just for having a Spotify Premium subscription.
  2. Buy select Tile products, get a free Google Home Mini.
  3. Buy an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, get an Echo Dot for 99 cents.
  4. Bundle a Google Nest Hub and a Google Nest Mini.

Does Google do Black Friday sales?

What's included in the Google Fi Wireless Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week sales? Discounts on select phones will be available throughout Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week. Check back often to learn more about these deals throughout this sale period.

Does Google do Cyber Monday sales?

Google started its Cyber Monday deals early, and the price cuts are strong. Pixel phones, Pixel Buds wireless earbuds, and smart home gadgets we like are seeing substantial discounts—even devices that launched barely a month ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Home still worth it?

It's well worth your consideration, especially if you're invested in Android, Chromecast or any of the Home's compatible smart home platforms. You also don't have to worry about it getting outdated, as all of the many features Google's added to the Home since its launch have been pushed to its existing devices.

What has replaced Google Home?

The Nest Audio is the main speaker in the Google Nest family of smart speakers, a brilliant performer at a great price and a replacement for the original Google Home. Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) offers a 7-inch display, sleep tracking and all the features of Google Assistant.


What is the Google Home controversy?
Recently a researcher named Matt Kunze discovered that hackers could spy on you by accessing the Google Home smart speaker. According to Bleeping computer (via Android Central), Kunze was messing around with a Nest Mini when he discovered that a rogue account could be created using the Google Home App.
Do Google nests go on sale?
Google Home deals and Google Nest deals are also some of the best smart home deals you can shop, as they're pretty easy to come by and are often pretty substantial discounts. This is definitely the case right now, as a huge variety of Google Home and Google Nest products are seeing significant price drops.

When will google home go on sale again

Is Google Home still sold? But in 2019, Google started giving the “Nest” name to all its latest smart speakers and displays, while the Google Home Hub became the Google Nest Hub. The Google Home speaker was discontinued last year, and every Google smart speaker and smart display has arrived with Nest branding ever since.
Will Google Home be discontinued? The Google Home speaker was discontinued last year, and every Google smart speaker and smart display has arrived with Nest branding ever since. Even with Google now giving the “Google Home” name to its entire smart home platform and collection of developer tools, the Nest brand appears to be here to stay.

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