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What to say when thanking folks for using our real estate website

how much do real estate agentsmake

In the vast realm of real estate, finding the perfect property can be a daunting task. Here at [Real Estate Website Name], we understand the importance of a seamless and user-friendly experience. As we extend our gratitude to all the individuals who have chosen our platform, we aim to provide a comprehensive review of what sets us apart and how we strive to cater to your needs.


  1. Intuitive User Interface:

    Our real estate website boasts an intuitive user interface designed to simplify your property search. With a clean and organized layout, our platform ensures that you can easily navigate through various listings, refine your search criteria, and access all the necessary information promptly. We prioritize your convenience, offering a hassle-free experience right from the moment you land on our homepage.

  2. Extensive Property Listings:

    We understand that every individual has unique preferences when it comes to real estate. That's why we take pride in our vast database of property listings, covering a wide range of options across the United States. Whether you're searching for residential, commercial, or rental properties, our website ensures that you have access to an extensive selection, increasing your chances of finding the ideal property that meets your requirements.


The perfect real estate thank you note includes:
  1. Gratitude for your client's trust in you.
  2. Celebratory wishes for their new home.
  3. An invitation for future real estate business with them (or their friends and family).
  4. Your contact information for easy referrals.

How do you say thank you to your real estate clients?

Thank you for being such a great client.

Your trust and support throughout the process of finding your new home was greatly appreciated. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served you and your friends and family. It is because of clients like you that my business continues to grow and thrive.

What is the best thank you message for real estate clients?

Thank you for letting me help you through this process. Buying a home is no easy task, and I hope I was able to make this experience smooth for you. Beyond that, it has simply been a pleasure getting to know you! I hope we can keep in touch as you start this new chapter.

How do you write a thank you note for real estate?

Dear [Real estate agent/REALTOR® name], We want to thank you for all the fantastic work you've done for us. Thank you for going the extra mile for us on every step of our [home buying/selling] journey! We could not have done this without you, and we are so grateful for your assistance, patience and expertise.

How do you write thank you to a client?

How to write a thank you letter to a customer
  1. Determine which medium to use.
  2. Include a greeting.
  3. Express your gratitude.
  4. Personalize your letter with specific details.
  5. Include a statement about the future.
  6. Reiterate your appreciation.
  7. Sign off with an appropriate closing.

How do you respond to a real estate lead via email?

Real estate follow-up email checklist
  1. Respond immediately when clients reach out.
  2. Allow clients time to respond as they consider this major investment decision.
  3. Respect their preferred communication style.
  4. Be specific with your message.
  5. Detail the next steps so they understand why you need a response.

How do you respond to an offer to purchase?

There are three possible responses you can give the potential buyer: accept the offer, make a counteroffer or refuse the offer. But be careful: not responding within the set-out timeframe will cancel the offer to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you respond to a prospect email?

This is the only way to get the answers you need to make your response to a reply to a cold email helpful and relevant.
  1. Reply as Quickly as Possible.
  2. Make It All About Them.
  3. Keep it Personal.
  4. Don't Overwhelm them with Too Much Information.
  5. Answer All Their Questions.
  6. Never Push Them to Buy.

What is a good message for real estate agent?

Hi {{contact.name}}. Thanks for your interest in the property at {{address}}. I wanted to let you know the house is currently under contract. However, similar properties in the area are being listed soon and I'm happy to arrange a showing!

What advice would you give to a new real estate agent?

It's About What You Know

It's about your knowledge. Keep up on national and local trends. Learn your market like the back of your hand. Start taking the steps now that will eventually make you a local market expert.

How do I avoid capital gains on sale of primary residence?

Home sales can be tax free as long as the condition of the sale meets certain criteria: The seller must have owned the home and used it as their principal residence for two out of the last five years (up to the date of closing). The two years do not have to be consecutive to qualify.

Who pays property taxes at closing in NC?

The seller pays the taxes from January of the current year through the settlement date and the buyer pays the taxes from the settlement date through the end of the year.

What is the $250000 / $500,000 home sale exclusion?

There is an exclusion on capital gains up to $250,000, or $500,000 for married taxpayers, on the gain from the sale of your main home. That exclusion is available to all qualifying taxpayers—no matter your age—who have owned and lived in their home for two of the five years before the sale.

How long after I sell my primary residence to avoid capital gains?

The seller must have owned the home and used it as their principal residence for two out of the last five years (up to the date of closing). The two years do not have to be consecutive to qualify. The seller must not have sold a home in the last two years and claimed the capital gains tax exclusion.

How do I find my NC property tax bill?

For information regarding your property tax bill (real property and motor vehicles), contact your local property tax office (county telephone numbers).

At what age do you stop paying property taxes in North Carolina?

65 years of age

North Carolina defers a portion of the property taxes on the appraised value of a permanent residence owned and occupied by a North Carolina resident who has owned and occupied the property at least five years, is at least 65 years of age or is totally and permanently disabled, and whose income does not exceed $50,700.

Who pays property taxes on day of closing in NC?

The seller

The seller pays the taxes from January of the current year through the settlement date and the buyer pays the taxes from the settlement date through the end of the year.

Are property taxes paid in advance or arrears in North Carolina?

North Carolina Real Estate Taxes

Taxes are assessed on a calendar basis; assessment beginning on January 1, due and payable by September 1 and payable without interest through January 5 of the following year. County budgets are based on fiscal year July 1 to June 30 but tax rates are applied on calendar basis.

How do I pay my property taxes in NC?

Taxpayers may pay their tax by using a credit/debit card (Visa/MasterCard) or bank draft via our online payment system, or by contacting an agent at 1-877-252-3252. Taxpayers may also pay their tax with a personal check, money order or cashier's check.


How do I calculate my property taxes in NC?

Calculating the Property Tax Rate

Therefore, to calculate your county property taxes, take the assessed value of your property, divide by 100, and then multiply by 0.4731. For example, the owner of a $200,000 house will have an annual County tax bill of $946.20.

Does North Carolina have real estate property tax?
The property tax in North Carolina is a locally assessed tax, collected by the counties. The N.C. Department of Revenue does not send property tax bills or collect property taxes. For almost all the segments of the property tax, January 1 is the tax lien date.

What are the three elements of property tax in NC?

The three main elements of the property tax system in North Carolina are real property, personal property, and motor vehicles.

Who is exempt from property tax in NC?

Residents aged 65 or older

North Carolina General Statute 105-277.1 excludes from property taxes a portion of the appraised value of a permanent residence owned and occupied by North Carolina residents aged 65 or older, or totally and permanently disabled person, whose income does not exceed the income eligibility limit set on or before July 1

What do you say when calling a real estate lead?

“I was calling you because, as [mutual friend's name] might have told you, I'm a real estate agent for Big Wins Real Estate. I'm just reaching out to family and friends to see where they're at with their properties and if they've thought about upgrading, downsizing or selling their home.

What do you say to a seller lead?

"Hello (Lead Name), you were just on my website looking for a home evaluation and real quick, before I send it out, have you made any improvements or updates to your home that would impact its value?" Listen to their answer. Then close for the appointment. Whether they say yes or no.

How do you reach out to leads in real estate?
Steps for Earning Real Estate Leads
  1. Start with People You Know.
  2. Move on to People You Don't Know.
  3. Nurture and Grow Relationships.
  4. Build Your Process for Repeatability.
  5. Reach Out to Friends and Family.
  6. Attend Chamber of Commerce Events.
  7. Get Active on Social Media.
  8. Reach Out to FSBO's.
What do you say to a new buyer lead?
Buyer Lead Script
  • Get them off their guard by mentioning the specific property details they inquired about.
  • Ask if they're already working with an agent.
  • Learn about their requirements on location, price, budget, timeline, etc.
  • Figure out where they are in the home buyer's journey to purchase.
Is it better to call or text real estate leads?
Texting real estate leads can be an incredibly efficient way to stay on top of your lead follow-up. It's quick, direct, and often the preferred mode of contact for many individuals these days.

How do you write a letter asking for property?

Key Takeaways

The letter should build a connection with the seller, be short, and stay positive. It's a good idea to leave out any remodeling plans you have in mind. To give the best impression, also make sure to thank the seller for their time and thoroughly proofread what you've written.

How do you write a real estate listing description?
15 Tips to Help Agents Craft MLS Listing Masterpieces
  1. Long Essays Lose the Reader.
  2. Play to the Local Draw.
  3. Think Outside the House.
  4. Use Key Phrases.
  5. Avoid These Phrases.
  6. Add Detail and Deadlines for Quick Sales.
  7. Spin the Negative Into Positive.
  8. Avoid Abbreviating Terms.
What do you say when emailing a real estate agent?
9 Steps to Write an Email to a Real Estate Agent
  1. Subject Line: Grab Attention.
  2. Greeting: Be Professional.
  3. Introduction: Establish Context.
  4. State Your Purpose: Be Clear.
  5. Provide Details: Be Specific.
  6. Ask Questions: Encourage Engagement.
  7. Highlight Timelines: Communicate Urgency.
  8. Express Expectations: Set Communication Tone.

What to say when thanking folks for using our real estate website

How do you write an email to a listing agent? Ten tips for writing emails to real estate agents
  1. #1 Do your research.
  2. #2 Support them on social media before reaching out.
  3. #3 Run multiple email campaigns.
  4. #4 Use intentional subject lines and salutations.
  5. #5 Be genuine and direct.
  6. #6 Make it skimmable.
  7. #7 Add your value proposition.
  8. #8 Provide context.
How do you say you're interested in a property?

Use the seller's full personal or company name, main address, and contact information, and date the letter. Indicate that you are interested in buying the house. Include the property address and any details about what will be included in the purchase, including furnishings, land, or other items.

Are North Carolina property taxes paid in advance or arrears?

Taxes are paid a year in arrears, and in semi-annual installments. Due dates vary from county to county, but are generally due in January and June.

What month are property taxes due in North Carolina?


Taxes are due Sept.

Personal Property Tax is based on the value of the personal property as of January 1st of the current year. Personal property includes individual personal property and business personal property.

How do property taxes work in North Carolina?

There is no state property tax in North Carolina, which means tax rates are determined entirely by local governments. Cities and counties can levy their own taxes, and special tax districts in some areas also collect property taxes for services like fire protection.

How do you follow-up with a prospect via text? Follow-up message best practices
  1. Personalize messaging. Make sure you're personalizing each text message.
  2. Pay attention to timing.
  3. Introduce yourself.
  4. Add a clear CTA.
  5. Keep messages short and sweet.
  6. Be persistent.
  7. Understand when to use a human touch vs.
  8. Know when to stop.
What is an example of a real estate text message?

Example: Hi [name], it's [your name]. I will be listing [property address] soon. I'd love to get your feedback on the home and the listing price during an agent showing on [time and date]. Let me know if you can attend.

How do you text a potential client in real estate?

After a face-to-face meeting with a new lead, reach out to them to establish contact via text. Hi (lead name), it's (your name) from (your real estate company). It was great to meet you today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly on this number.

How do you write a follow-up email to a real estate client?

Make sure you're touching upon the following key points in each email. Write an eye-catching subject line. Give clients a reason to open your email. Your real estate follow-up email should ask a question, address their interest in a neighborhood or property, or present yourself as free to chat.

What is a good follow up text message?

Example: Hi [client]. I'm [sales-rep] from [company-name]. I wanted to follow up on my previous message about your interest in [XYZ product/service] and schedule a quick call to understand your needs. Would any time between 10 AM-6 PM tomorrow be good for you?

What is the difference between renovating and remodeling?

Definitions. Technically, a renovation and remodel are defined differently. While a remodel changes the form of something (like adding a new shower to an existing bathroom), a renovation focuses more on restoring something old into good repair (fixing up a creaky floor, for example).

What are the three most important words in real estate?

To achieve those goals, the three most important words in real estate are not Location, Location, Location, but Price, Condition, Availability.

  • How do you write a good description for a real estate listing?
    • 15 Tips to Help Agents Craft MLS Listing Masterpieces
      1. Long Essays Lose the Reader.
      2. Play to the Local Draw.
      3. Think Outside the House.
      4. Use Key Phrases.
      5. Avoid These Phrases.
      6. Add Detail and Deadlines for Quick Sales.
      7. Spin the Negative Into Positive.
      8. Avoid Abbreviating Terms.
  • What is it called when you buy a house renovate it and sell it?
    • Flipping is a real estate strategy that involves buying homes, renovating them, and selling them for a profit in a short period of time. Flipping houses is a business that requires knowledge, planning, and savvy to be successful.

  • What is another word for remodeling a house?
    • On this page you'll find 76 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to remodel, such as: fix up, modernize, overhaul, rebuild, recondition, and redesign.

  • How do you respond to a web lead?
    • Read on for our top do's and don'ts, and then hit reply on the inquiries sitting in your inbox.
      1. Do reply to every lead.
      2. Do personalize your response.
      3. Don't forget to answer their questions.
      4. Do keep your responses brief.
      5. Do test your replies.
      6. Don't wait to reply.
      7. Don't be afraid to follow up.
  • How do you respond to a real estate review?
    • That's why responding to real estate client reviews is so important: The words you choose in your reply can demonstrate your humanity, authenticity and professionalism — not to mention your gratitude — to the reviewer and your greater audience. Don't be defensive, rude or petty. Do be specific, succinct and gracious.

  • What do you say when reaching out to a real estate lead?
    • I love several of them, but here are my two favorites for reaching out to buyer leads. Text: Hi {lead's first name}, this is {your first name}. I haven't heard from you in a while and was wondering if you're still in the market to buy a home in {your area}. I'd love to chat with you if you are.

  • How quickly should you respond to a lead?
    • Studies show that businesses who respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to connect and convert opportunities. Businesses who respond to leads in five minutes or less are 100x more likely to convert opportunities.

  • What personal questions can a landlord ask?
    • Landlords can safely screen potential tenants by asking about the following topics:
      • Employment history.
      • Credit history.
      • Income.
      • Driver's license number.
      • Past evictions.
      • Past bankruptcies, and.
      • References.
  • How do you follow up with prospective tenants?
    • The study recommends property managers switch up their communications method in between calls. Send a couple of brief text messages or emails in between calls so that renters don't lose sight of what your apartment building is offering. Keep communications short and sweet. Remaining upbeat is crucial.

  • How do you write an email inquiring about an apartment?
    • State who you are and why you need a rental. Mention where you found their ad and how you can afford the rental. Offer to provide references (work/volunteer/housing office) Include some highlighting feature from the original ad so that when you receive a response you can remember which rental you are talking about (ex.

  • What makes you a great tenant question?
    • The ability and willingness to: pay rent, care for the rental property, avoid creating disturbances, and avoid drama. Good tenants care enough to at least try to make a good impression. They are friendly, show up on time, display some level of excitement for the rental property, and are respectful to the landlord.

  • What not to say to a landlord?
    • 5 Things You Should Never Say When Renting an Apartment
      • 'I hate my current landlord' Every potential landlord is going to ask why you're moving.
      • 'Let me ask you one more question'
      • 'I can't wait to get a puppy'
      • 'My partner works right up the street'
      • 'I move all the time'

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