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My house where i live is real estate?

how much do real estate agentsmake

In today's competitive real estate market, finding a perfect home that meets all your requirements can be challenging. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to discover "My House Where I Live" in the bustling region of the United States. As a real estate expert, I am delighted to provide a detailed review of this property, highlighting its key features, amenities, and overall value.


Situated in a prime location within the United States, "My House Where I Live" offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Whether you desire proximity to schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, or entertainment venues, this real estate gem is ideally positioned to cater to all your lifestyle needs. Its central location allows for easy commuting to major cities and towns, making it an ideal choice for both families and professionals.

Architectural Design and Layout:

Upon entering "My House Where I Live," the striking architectural design immediately catches your eye. The property boasts a modern and elegant facade, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The interior layout features a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, with spacious rooms that provide ample natural light and ventilation. The open floor plan creates a sense of fluidity, enhancing the overall living experience.


The 4 Types of Real Estate Investments (Land, Residential, Commercial, Industrial) Real estate plays a crucial role in the global economy, offering opportunities for investment, wealth creation, and economic growth.

What are the different types of property?

To Begin With, Firstly, Remember These Major Types Of Property:
  • Movable property and Immovable property.
  • Tangible property and Intangible property.
  • Private property and Public property.
  • Personal property and Real property.
  • Corporeal property Incorporeal property.

What is real property vs personal property?

Real property includes land plus the buildings and fixtures permanently attached to it. Real property taxes are assessed on agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential and utility property. Personal property is property that is not permanently affixed to land: e.g., equipment, furniture, tools and computers.

What is the legal definition of property?

Property is any item that a person or a business has legal title over. Property can be tangible items, such as houses, cars, or appliances, or it can refer to intangible items that carry the promise of future worth, such as stock and bond certificates.

Why is it called real estate?

The term “real estate” is first recorded in the 1660s, so we find its etymological origins in Early Modern English. The word “real” is derived from Latin, meaning existing, actual, or genuine. The word “estate” is an English translation of the Old French word “estat,” meaning status.

Is Trulia a reliable app?

Reliability: Several reviewers mentioned that they found Trulia to be more reliable than other similar websites out there, including Zillow.

Are Zillow and Realtor com owned by the same company?

Zillow is owned and operated by Zillow Group, a publicly traded company. Realtor.com is owned by parent company Move, Inc. In 2014, Move was sold to the media corporation Newscorp with the Australian company currently owning 80% of the shares in Move, while the Australian specialist portal company REA Group owns 20%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fake listings on Trulia?

Trulia has an entire team dedicated to reviewing rental properties and double checking listing feeds. There is an automated algorithm that scores listings based on historical data and removes listings most likely to be fraudulent. New accounts and listings are verified to have a valid U.S. phone number and IP address.

How did real estate originate?

Real estate became a legal term to identify a royal grant of estate land. The term “real estate” is first recorded in the 1660s, so we find its etymological origins in Early Modern English. The word “real” is derived from Latin, meaning existing, actual, or genuine.

What happened in my house before I lived here?

Local Library or Historical Society Archives

Libraries and locally focused historical societies often keep archives of local newspapers, and you may be able to find out news or events revolving around your house and the people who lived there previously.

How do you draw boundaries on Zillow?

Draw a custom search region

If you prefer to draw your search location, first select the 'Remove Boundary' filter on the map. After doing so, you will see the option to draw the boundary using your cursor and the apply option once the boundary has been set.

How do I expand my search area on Zillow?

So pretty simple thing. Obviously you might not know how to do that if you've never done it before. But.

What does off the market on Zillow mean?

Not for sale

Posted on Apr 04, 2022. You've found the perfect home on Zillow, but it's listed as “off market.” What does that mean? Generally speaking, a home that is “off market” is not for sale. This means that the homeowner is not actively trying to sell their home - or if they are, they are not doing it through a public channel


Does Google Maps show property boundaries?
Google Maps will display property lines if you type your address into the 'Search Google Maps' search bar and zoom into the property closely enough. However, property lines are not available on all locations in Google Maps, unfortunately.

What is the best website to rent a house?
🏅 Best Rental Websites in America
  • Zillow Rental Manager: Best Overall.
  • Apartments.com: Best For Attracting Qualified Renters.
  • Hotspad: Best Interface.
  • Avail: Best for Landlords.
  • Craigslist: Biggest Classified.
  • Zumper: Best For Quick Renters.
  • Rentometer: Best For Rent Comparisons.
What is the biggest rent website?

Best Overall Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager is the best rental listing site overall due to its sheer breadth of data and services. It has the largest inventory, the most site traffic, and offers services that take the landlord from marketing to rent collection.

Who owns Zumper?

AVIV GroupZumper, Inc. / Parent organization

Who are best tenants to rent to?
Consider these aspects when screening prospective tenants:
  • No Relevant Criminal Convictions.
  • Good Credit History.
  • Stable Income and Employment.
  • Ability to be Honest.
  • Respectful Behavior.
  • Good Communicator.
  • Present Organizational Skills.
Is Airbnb the best website?
Airbnb is regarded as one of the best vacation rental sites. It has the largest community of vacation rental hosts. As one of the largest vacation rental companies, Airbnb offers over 6 million listings to guests in more than 100,000 cities and towns across 220 regions and countries around the world.

My house where i live is real estate?

Can I download photos from Zillow? At the bottom of the pane, you will see a prompt ">" where you can type in stuff. It will pop up to download each individual picture, one by one, all you have to do is click save.

How do I get my house pictures off realtor com? Go to realtor.com/myhome, type in your address and click Claim Your Home on your home's profile page.
  1. Log into your Realtor.com profile at realtor.com.
  2. Go to your owner dashboard under the My Home tab.
  3. Click the Remove Photos button.
How do I contact Trulia to remove photos?

How can I get photos from a sold property removed from Zillow/Trulia/Redfin? Trulia: contact their customer service at http://www.trulia.com/help/ask/ or call 1-888-466-3501. Redfin: the agent needs to contact their MLS, since we do not syndicate to Redfin. They can also contact Redfin at [email protected].

Can you download Zillow data? Zillow Data Exporter is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you get the data you need without any fuss. It's just press and forget! Export up to 20 pages of results with a single click. Choose where to store your exported data where it suits you best.

Can you download Zillow data to Excel? You can also export Zillow data to Excel free as a trial. The maximum number of listings you can export at once is 25. This way, you may test it out and determine what you can export without incurring costs. If you need more, a subscription plan allows you to export all the listings you want from Zillow to Excel.

  • What does FSBO calls mean?
    • For sale by owner (FSBO, pronounced “fiz-bo”) homes are sold by the homeowner without the help of a listing agent or broker.

  • Is list with freedom a legit company?
    • List With Freedom is a legitimate company. They are a licensed real estate brokerage in 46 states. This Florida-based real estate company was founded by Jim Tyminski and has been in business since 2005. Ralph Harvey, the broker and CEO of ListWithFreedom.com, has over 17 years of experience in the real estate sector.

  • What does contingent mean?
    • Depending on certain circumstances

      Contingent means “depending on certain circumstances.” In real estate, when a house is listed as contingent, it means that an offer has been made and accepted, but before the deal is complete, some additional criteria must be met.

  • Is Houzeo a legitimate company?
    • Houzeo isn't lacking in positive reviews: of the 800+ reviews we found on Google, the majority praised the company's customer service team, seller platform, and listing process. It has a 4.9-star rating on Google and 5 stars on trustpilot.com.

  • What is the best time to call FSBO?
    • Choose the best time to call: A study by Lead Response Management suggests that the best time to reach people is between 4 and 6 p.m. However, keep in mind that the FSBO sellers are expecting frequent calls about their home.

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