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How to obtain title for a mobile home with a bill of sale

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Curious about how to obtain title for a mobile home with a bill of sale in the US? This article provides a comprehensive guide on the necessary steps and requirements to secure the title for your mobile home.

Are you in the process of purchasing a mobile home with only a bill of sale as proof of ownership? Securing the title for your mobile home is crucial to establish legal ownership and protect your investment. In this article, we will walk you through the steps and requirements to obtain the title for a mobile home with a bill of sale in the US.

Understanding the Importance of a Title

Before delving into the process, let's understand why obtaining a title for your mobile home is essential. The title serves as a legal document that confirms your ownership of the property, allowing you to transfer or sell it in the future. Without a title, it can be challenging to prove your ownership, and this may cause complications down the line.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Obtain Title for a Mobile Home with a Bill of Sale

  1. Research State-Specific Requirements:

    • Different states in the US may have varying requirements for obtaining a title with a
The Big Picture
  1. If you need to get a title for your mobile home before selling it, follow the Secretary of State's Bond for Title procedures.
  2. Provide evidence of how you purchased your mobile home.
  3. Appraise the value of the mobile home.
  4. Pay for bond.
  5. Fill out the application and pay the filing fee.

How do you transfer Ownership of a mobile home in Texas?

Complete Bill Of Sale & SOL Application

You will want to make sure to have this Bill Of Sale on hand so both the buyer and seller can sign it. The last step is filling out the Statement Of Ownership and Location Application. This application is what the state of Texas uses to transfer the ownership of the home.

How do I transfer a mobile home title in Washington state?

Documents required can vary but typically include the signed Certificate of Ownership (title) or notarized Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest, Bill of Sale, and the tax clearance form from the Treasurer's office. If the mobile home is older than 1976, the sellers must also complete a Mobile Home Notice Affidavit.

What is proof of Ownership of a house in Texas?

A Deed is Evidence of Title

Also, once you sign the Deed, it becomes the new owner's evidence of title. This is the written proof that you have transferred the title to the new owner. As a result of your signing the Deed, the title has transferred to the new owner.

What do I need to transfer a trailer title in Illinois?

The Title Transfer Process

When you purchase a vehicle in Illinois, all you need to do is bring relevant documents to our counter. These documents include the title, the bill of sale, your identification, and proof of residence, such as an electric bill in your name.

What is required to sell a mobile home in Georgia?

You fill out a T-234, submit it to the tax commissioner where the property is located, along with the title to the mobile home. The title gets retired with the State of Georgia, and now the mobile home is no longer separately titled or taxed, and is simply part of the real property, just like house would be.

How do I transfer ownership of a mobile home in PA?

Form MV-16T is to be completed by the transferors of the mobile home or manufactured home and provided to the transferee to be submitted with the completed application for a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you transfer ownership of a mobile home in Georgia?

All mobile homes 1963 and newer require a title to transfer ownership. Before a Georgia Title can be applied for and issued you must have a current paid tax receipt from the county in which the mobile home is located. For more information, please call 912-576-3248.

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Is a bill of sale required in Tennessee?

Is a Bill of Sale required for selling a car in Tennessee? No, a bill of sale is not required for private car sales in Tennessee. However, it's still a good idea to have one the provide legal protection to both the buyer and the seller.

How do I get a title for a mobile home in Tennessee?

The ownership of a manufactured home is legally recorded by either obtaining a certificate of title from the county clerk or by filing an affidavit of affixation with the register of deeds.


Is Tennessee a bill of sale state?
You need a bill of sale for an ownership transfer of a boat, car, or firearm in Tennessee.

What is a bill of sale for property in Tennessee?

A Tennessee general bill of sale is a document that is utilized between two (2) private parties to provide proof of sale and purchase of a piece of personal property. The document provides information about the buyer and seller and includes identifying details regarding the property being sold and purchased.

Where does the seller sign on a Missouri title?

When selling the vehicle, all owners listed on the face of the title must sign and print their name(s) in the seller(s) fields on the back of the title. The seller must provide a notarized lien release to the purchaser for any liens shown.

How do I transfer a mobile home title in Missouri?
  1. Request a deed form from the Register of Deeds in your Missouri county.
  2. Fill out either form, and have your signature witnessed by a notary public.
  3. File the paperwork with the Register of Deeds, who will provide a copy of the records to the new owner.
How do you fill out a title when selling in Missouri?
Missouri private vehicle sellers must complete the following on the title:
  1. Print the legal name and address of at least one purchaser.
  2. Date of sale.
  3. Sale price.
  4. Model of the vehicle.
  5. Odometer (depending on the model year of the vehicle)
  6. Signature of at least one purchaser.
  7. All sellers listed on the title must print and sign.

How to obtain title for a mobile home with a bill of sale

How do I title a homemade trailer in Missouri? To title a homemade trailer in the state of Missouri, the owner must submit the following:
  1. A signed Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108);
  2. A completed Application for Vehicle/Trailer Identification Number Plate or Verification (Form 5062);
How do you fill out the back of a Missouri title?

On the back of the title you will fill out the upper part within the block called ASSIGNMENT. Print the purchaser's name(s) and complete address on the two lines provided. Fill in the odometer reading in the space provided (Not required if vehicle is ten or more years old).

What if I can't find the VIN number on my mobile home? Look for the steel beam running parallel with the front of the home that the original triangular tongue beam attached to when transporting. This is one of the easier places to locate the VIN. For other areas of the mobile home, you may have to remove some of the skirting to locate it.

How do I get a copy of my California mobile home title?

If you do not have the last-issued, original “Certificate of Title”, contact HCD (call 1-800-952-8356 or email [email protected]) and let them know you need a “title search” for your home, so you can complete an “Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title.”

Can you sell a mobile home without a title in Texas? A person is not legally allowed to buy, transfer, or sell a mobile home without a certificate of title or Statement of Ownership or Location (SOL).

  • Can you sell a mobile home without a title in Florida?
    • Florida law requires that the transfer of mobile homes in most cases be done through transfer of a certificate of title.

  • What does it mean when a VIN number Cannot be found?
    • It is a possibility that you're running a VIN number that isn't present in the database yet. Ensure your data provider contains VIN numbers of all modern vehicles before running a VIN. Another aspect to consider is that your vehicle may be too old. Data providers store VIN numbers that go back to a specific year.

  • Can you get a title with a bill of sale in Tennessee?
    • You need more than a bill of sale to transfer ownership of a car in Tennessee. Whether you're selling or buying, you'll need to provide several other documents in order to make the transaction official.

  • How do I file for a lost title in Tennessee?
    • A duplicate title can be obtained in person or by mail through your local county clerk's office. Lienholders and out-of-state applicants should apply through the office of the county clerk of the owner's last Tennessee residence.

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