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Looking to enhance your real estate business through Facebook ads? Discover expert tips on creating professional and effective real estate Facebook ads to maximize your sales in the US market.


In today's digital age, social media platforms have become an essential tool for businesses to connect with potential customers. Facebook, with its vast user base, offers immense opportunities for real estate agents to showcase their properties and attract potential buyers. However, creating professional and eye-catching Facebook ads is crucial to stand out from the competition. In this article, we will guide you on how to create captivating real estate Facebook ads that drive results in the US market.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before diving into the ad creation process, it's essential to understand your target audience. Knowing their preferences, demographics, and interests will help you tailor your ads effectively. Here's how to get started:

  1. Research your target market: Identify the demographics of people who are likely to be interested in your real estate offerings. Consider factors such as age, income level, and location to narrow down your audience.

  2. Analyze buyer personas: Develop buyer personas to understand your potential customers better. Consider their motivations, challenges, and

Facebook ads are the easiest and fastest way to get more real estate leads, clients, listings, and sales. Here's exactly what to do. Almost half (46%) of realtors say their highest quality leads come from social media, compared to MLS (30%) and relationship management (26%).

How to do professional ads on Facebook?

To recap, here is how to run Facebook ads:
  1. Create a Business Suite account.
  2. Connect or create your Facebook Page.
  3. Create your ad account. Add the pixel to your website.
  4. Set up the pixel. Verify your domain.
  5. Create your Facebook ad campaign. Choose your campaign objective.
  6. Create your Facebook ad set.
  7. Create your ad.
  8. Hit publish.

How much does Facebook ads cost for real estate?

Facebook ads cost per click by industry
IndustryAverage CPC
People & Society$2.01
Pets & Animals$0.61
Real Estate$1.81

How much do real estate Facebook ads cost per lead?

Real Estate Campaign One: Average Cost Per Lead – $9.76 One sale for every 164 leads.

How do I advertise myself as a realtor on Facebook?

How to set up a realtor Facebook page
  1. Create a Facebook business page.
  2. Enter your name and choose a category.
  3. Enter your business details.
  4. Upload a profile picture and cover photo.
  5. Connect to WhatsApp.
  6. Invite friends to follow your Page.
  7. Stay informed.

How do I create a real estate add?

How to Make a Real Estate Ad That Converts
  1. Target Customers By Region & Interests.
  2. Choose Your Key Objectives.
  3. Make Every Ad Feel Personal.
  4. Simplify Your Design.
  5. Be Specific About Subject Matter.
  6. Conquer Ad Copy.
  7. Find Ways to Laser Target Your Ad.
  8. Make a Video Real Estate Ad.

Are Facebook ads worth it for real estate?

Facebook Ads can help you capture leads (seller and buyer leads), increase traffic for open houses, and maintain your brand with your target audience - whether that is a future homeowner, current homeowner, or real estate investor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Facebook ads work for realtors?

Ultimately, Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for real estate advertisement. As a part of your social media marketing strategy, Facebook ads work on multiple levels, including: Targeting local customers. Real estate professionals rely on local businesses to thrive.

Is Facebook ads a good side hustle?

When it comes down to how much money you can make with Facebook ads, it's about finding the right clients. However, students in the Facebook Side Hustle course make on average an extra $1,000 to $2,000 per month. This can be a great way to boost your income from the comfort of your home.


How do I get real estate leads off Facebook?
  1. 5 Steps to Finding and Winning More Real Estate Leads on Facebook.
  2. Complete Your Facebook Business Page.
  3. Create and Post Free Quality Content.
  4. Add Gated Content to Grow Your Client Base.
  5. Take Your Real Estate Facebook Ads to the Next Level.
  6. Create a Unique Real Estate Landing Page Experience.
How many realtors use Facebook?
74% of REALTORS® use Facebook and 56% use LinkedIn for professional purposes. 20% of all members get 1-5% of their business from social media, and 10% get 6-10%.

How to create professional real estate facebook ads

Can I run ads on FB professional mode? By using the professional mode to monetize your Facebook profile, you can reach a wider audience with your content. Facebook ads are a powerful tool that can help you reach a large number of people with your marketing message.
How do I run a Facebook ad for my agency? How to Run Facebook Ads
  1. Create an account with Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Start creating an ad through Facebook Ads Manager.
  3. Choose an objective.
  4. Choose your audience.
  5. Set your budget.
  6. Create your ad.
  7. Monitor your ad's performance metrics.
  8. Report on Facebook ad performance.
  • Should a real estate agent have a Facebook business page?
    • Creating a separate realtor Facebook page will distinguish your business from your personal social activities. A professional Facebook Business allows prospective clients to view your page information, whereas a personal page and its content are only available to those you are Facebook friends with.
  • How should realtors use Facebook?
    • Rather than letting it languish, keep it updated — daily or even multiple times a day. Swap out your cover photo often to feature new listings. Create a “featured listings” tab where you display current properties for sale. Post helpful photos, video, tips and other information that will appeal to your audience.

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