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Discover the cost of real estate in Belize and explore the opportunities available for US buyers. Get insights into the market, pricing, and tips for making an informed decision.


Are you considering investing in real estate abroad? Belize, with its pristine beaches, stunning landscapes, and welcoming community, has become an attractive destination for US buyers. But before taking the leap, it's essential to understand the cost of real estate in Belize. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the factors that influence prices, explore the different property types available, and provide useful tips for those interested in investing in Belizean real estate.

  1. Understanding the Belizean Real Estate Market

The Belizean real estate market offers a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. To determine the cost of real estate in Belize, it's crucial to consider the following:

a. Location: Just like in any other country, location plays a significant role in property prices. Coastal areas and popular tourist destinations tend to be more expensive, while inland properties can offer more affordable options.

b. Property Type: Belize offers a diverse range of property types, including beachfront condos, luxury villas

Outside of high-cost tourist areas, you can build for US$30. – $60. per square foot or buy an attractive, modern home for US$75,000. – $200,000.

Is real estate expensive in Belize?

These days, in the more expensive regions like Belize's famous islands or in the Placencia region, it's not uncommon to spend a million dollars on a home. But if you're content with something more off the beaten path, there are great deals to be had says Lyons. People are usually really pleasantly surprised.

Can I live in Belize for $1000 a month?

Cost Of Living In Belize Varies In Cayo, Belize, you can enjoy a very fulfilling life for US$1,000 per month, if you buy locally and use the local resources. Placencia's cost of living is very similar to that ofAmbergris Caye. Also, it is a popular tourist area, with fantastic beaches.

Can a US citizen buy a home in Belize?

The country of Belize allows the purchase of property even by non-citizens and non-residents. That means that virtually anyone can buy and own property from Belize so long as you meet the financial and property-specific requirements.

Is buying property in Belize a good idea?

Purchasing Property in Belize The greatest benefit of investing in Belize is that foreign buyers are granted the same rights as a Belize citizen. When you purchase a property in Belize, you own it outright: a 'freehold' as opposed to a 'leasehold'. This is not the case with many neighboring Central American countries.

How to make money with multifamily?

Multifamily property investors make money from rental revenues. They can also make money from fees related to storage and parking on the property. The idea is that your cash flow from the property should be larger than the expenses of keeping up with the property.

What is the most profitable type of real estate?

Commercial properties Commercial properties are considered one of the best types of real estate investments because of their potential for higher cash flow. If you decide to invest in a commercial property, you could enjoy these attractive benefits: Higher-income potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1 percent rule multifamily?

The 1% rule in real estate is a guideline that's used to evaluate potential properties based on their cost and rental revenues. According to the rule, the monthly rental revenue of a property should be equal to or greater than the property's total purchase price.

What are the costs of owning multifamily property?

Multifamily operating expenses are the unavoidable costs that come with managing a multifamily property. Expenses can include property taxes, maintenance, utility costs, and payroll for employees. Your multifamily expense ratio is usually between 60% and 80% of your income.

What makes a good multifamily investment?

Multi-family real estate is highly tax advantaged. Most investors use a mortgage to finance the property. They can then take a deduction for mortgage interest paid during that fiscal year, which tends to be higher in the first years of ownership as the loan begins to amortize.

What are the cons of multifamily?

The primary disadvantage of multifamily investing is that it requires more capital upfront than other types of investments, apart from other, large commercial assets. Multifamily investments often require a larger down payment than other types of investments, as well as larger monthly mortgage payments.

How much is a downpayment on a house in Belize?

Interest rates with international banks in Belize are still much higher than people are used to in their domestic markets and are around 12% to 18%, and most offshore banks, when lending to people who are not Belize residents or citizens, require a high degree of collateralization with a high down payment (often 50%).

What are the disadvantages of buying a multifamily home?

The primary disadvantage of multifamily investing is that it requires more capital upfront than other types of investments, apart from other, large commercial assets. Multifamily investments often require a larger down payment than other types of investments, as well as larger monthly mortgage payments.


Who owns the most multifamily properties?
The largest owner of apartments in the United States was the Tennessee-based real estate investment trust MAA, who owned about 99,700 apartments in 2023. Greystar Real Estate Partners - the second-largest owner in 2023 - followed closely with about 98,900 units.
Is it worth owning multiple properties?
Owning multiple homes can potentially generate rental income or provide your household with an exclusive vacation home. Having multiple homes also allows for a variety of destinations, providing the flexibility to enjoy different climates and experiences throughout the year.
What are the benefits of owning property in Belize?
The Place & People
  • Top Reasons to Invest in Belize.
  • High demand, little supply.
  • English is the official language in Belize.
  • There is no capital gains tax and no estate tax in Belize.
  • It's an overnight rental market.
  • Property taxes in Belize are meager.
  • The Belize QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) is generous.
  • Asset protection.
Why is property in Belize so cheap?
One of the major draws to owning land in Belize is the incredibly low property tax rates. The taxation and ownership structure makes owning land in Belize very inexpensive with little to no costs of ownership or carrying costs.
Why invest in Belize?
Belize is a Tax-Friendly Jurisdiction Thankfully, foreign investors in Belize do not have to pay capital gains taxes or income taxes, which can ensure that your profits go toward you or to any future investments you plan to make.
Is it safe to buy a home in Belize?
Buying real estate in Belize can be both a solid investment and a dream place to live and vacation. But there are risks involved so you'll do well to get established professionals on side to help.

How much is real estate in belize

What is the average cost of a house in Belize? Outside of high-cost tourist areas, you can build for US$30. – $60. per square foot or buy an attractive, modern home for US$75,000. – $200,000.
What is the Belize real estate scandal? The Federal Trade Commission is sending refunds totaling approximately $10 million to consumers nationwide who bought deceptively marketed overseas real estate lots in what the sellers pitched as Sanctuary Belize, a supposed luxury development being built in southern, coastal Belize.
How much does real estate cost in belize Find your dream home in Belize! Browse through a variety of homes for sale in Belize and choose the perfect one for you.
What questions to ask when buying a multifamily property? What Questions to Ask When Buying a Multifamily Property
  • What is the current rental income and expenses?
  • What is the occupancy rate?
  • What is the condition of the property?
  • What is the rental history of the property?
  • Are there any legal issues or code violations?
Why invest in multifamily? There are many advantages to owning multi-family real estate. These include access to easier and better financing opportunities, the ability to quickly grow one's rental property portfolio, and the luxury of hiring a property manager. National Association of Home Builders. "Multifamily."
What is the 2% rule for cap rates? The 1% rule states that a property's monthly rent must be at least 1% of its purchase price in order for the owner to break even. The 2% rule states that a property's monthly rent needs to be at least 2% of its purchase price in order for the owner to make a sustainable profit.
  • How do you value a multifamily property?
    • In summary, the factors that should be considered when valuing a multifamily property include the property's condition and location, square footage, amenities, income potential, cost to renovate or repair the property, and current market trends in the area.
  • What is the formula for multifamily value?
    • (Net Operating Income divided by Cap Rate (input variable)= Property Value) Price Per Unit / Price Per Square Foot, Etc – The total multifamily property asset value divided by the total amount of units in a property, living square foot etc.
  • What is the income approach for multifamily?
    • The income approach focuses on the value of a real estate investment based on its ability to produce income. The more cash flow a property produces, the more valuable it is. The less it produces, the less valuable. Creative financing for multifamily has become a very current topic.
  • What is a good equity multiple in multifamily real estate?
    • An equity multiple of less than 1.0x means that you'd be getting back less cash than you invested throughout the hold period. So, very simply, you want to see an equity multiple greater than 1.0x. That means you are getting back more cash than you invested.
  • What is the best state to buy a multifamily home?
    • Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate? New York has the most multifamily properties and offers the highest profits. Since there are so many renters in N.Y., the chances of having tenants year-round increases. Miami, Austin, and Atlanta are great places to invest in multifamily real estate.

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